Baguio City Celebrating Panagbenga 2017

Panagbenga is here once again to bring colors to the street of Baguio City this month of February. Panagbenga is a native term for “season of blooming”. Going back to how it started, it was created to give praise to the beautiful flowers of the city. It was also an act of bravery for the people to start over after the damage left by the 1990 earthquake. It has then became a yearly festival here in Baguio City. Strawberries everywhere and flowers around– that’s the spirit everyone is looking forward to in the month of February to May.

The set of activities are captivating and the events are must-see. The most watched and most awaited part is the GRAND FLOAT PARADE among the mentioned events. Technically, the participants in this competition will use vehicles that will be covered with tons of flowers of different types and kinds to come up with a presentable and artistic result. The crucial part here is that the vehicles’ wheels must not be visible. The participants honestly admitted that it took real effort and time to come up with an idea. This 2017, 22 floats competed for this contest. More events that took place during this festival are the parade and street dancing, trade fair and bazaar, and last but not the least, the fireworks display.

Right after the float parade, Session Road will be closed to give way for what we call Session road in bloom. This road will be closed for a week and you can find different stalls offering a wide variety of products. You name it and they have it– from food to bags to souvenirs. You will never feel bored once you set your foot in the city during this time of year.

The touch of Cordilleran culture is not taken for granted indeed. The whole event would showcase the very own traditions and cultures of the Cordillerans, famously known as the Igorots. Their traditions can be seen through the native clothes they wear during the opening and the sounds of ganzas which you can hear around the city.

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This event attracts so many tourists from around the Philippines. As a matter of fact, all hotels and transient houses are fully booked before Panagbenga even started. It doesn’t just boost the tourism of the city, but it makes tourists love what Baguio has to offer.

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We invite you to join and experience it yourself.