TALK – Yoon So Yeon on her struggles, graduation, and Baguio

rainaHello, everyone. Good morning.

My name is Raina. Today is our graduation day. I’m glad to face graduation with you. I have stayed here for 3 months. The last 3 months was never short for me.

Before I came here, I didn’t know about Baguio and I was worried about academy life. But it’s actually different from my worries. Now my batch mates and all students and even my teachers have become my best friends.

After few weeks of studying, time ran slowly, and I didn’t know if I was improving or not. However, I studied steadily every day with my friends and teachers. And I also studied hard in the night class. So now, I’m satisfied with my improvements.

As I listened to class or talk with other students, I learned a lot of English expressions and pieces of knowledge that I’ve never known before. Especially that there are many foreign friends in TALK Academy. It gave me more chances to learn a lot of knowledge. I never thought 3 months was short for me. I got to learn a lot of expressions and I became familiar with it.

Furthermore, I’m happy to make Korean friends in the academy. The time spent with them in Baguio was precious. Every weekend, I hung out with my friends in Baguio and shared meals with my teachers. And at night, I got rid of stress by drinking with my friends. I was a stranger in the Philippines but now I can say I love Baguio more than any other foreigners do. All my happy memories are here.

I believe my academy life and improvements in English would help me in my future plans. I’m grateful to all my teachers and friends. I’ll never forget them. I want to share this gladness to all students who are graduating today with me. Congratulations, guys. Thank you!

— Yoon So Yeon “RAINA”