BECI "Clean-up Drive Activity 2017"

“Clean Up in Harmony with Nature”

BECI is all ready to bring a favour back to our mother earth. We have chosen a clean-up activity to Mt. Kalugong this month to express our gratitude and appreciation to our nature. So let’s hit the mountain, pick some pieces up which don’t belong to the place and then indulge on the beauty of the environment.

There were 30 students including our new Arab students and our juniors for this activity. Mt. Kalugong is located in La Trinidad Benguet. If you read some of our becizines, La Trinidad is a place where we can find strawberry and flower farms. There are two features of this place, the impressive rock formations and the park. From afar, you could see a rock formed into a baseball cap and that’s how it has gotten its name because of its shape. Kalugong means cap in one of the Philippine’s local language.

It took us half an hour to get to Trinidad and took us about 50 minutes to get to the top. It wasn’t so much of a hassle going there because the way is neither rocky nor slippery. During the trek, the feeling which took place was amazement because of the surrounding green trees and vast field from afar. On our way up, we passed by couple of goats which literally for some students it was their first time. Well, this is civilization and modernization has done to us, we barely know the urban way of living. Everyone couldn’t just stop taking photos, couldn’t stop giving compliments of the place especially for the first timers. When we got to the top, we were divided into groups, had a little orientation on what to do. After that, we started picking up some trash to tidy the place up. It took us not so much time to clean because the garbage wasn’t so much. We ended up sitting down, catching up with each other and just enjoying the moment because it happens to our lives once in a while. Sitting down on top of the mountain and praising ourselves because once in our lives we have served mother earth.


This is what BECI offers, it’s not just ESL Training but worth it experience and unforgettable moments. So, study and join our BECI Family. You will never go wrong once you have set your foot to BECI.