Another chance to show what they got! Here in BECI, we don’t just learn but we make time to laugh, enjoy and make us part of every student’s memories.

Students, teachers and staffs gathered in the longue area, well it’s the heavenly place in BECI where all people go for comfort. The Program started with the opening remarks from our head teacher Yana, followed by an intermission dance from students representing their own countries.

For the open category, representatives of each countries Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea hit the stage to show off their talent in dancing and singing. It was such an honor for us to watch our students giving out their best shot for this event. Not only that, their adorable actions and full participation just made everyone’s day.

For the next game called “Cupid goes to market “. The host chose 1 male representative for each country. To qualify for this game, the male must put on make-up and dress like an old woman. For the challenge, each must smile while chewing this sour calamansi fruit. Calamansi is a small and very sour fruit. The odds are, they look funny and weird so everyone can’t help but laugh on them.

The main event was teachers and students competition. The first performers were a group of teachers showing off their nice voice and talents in playing the guitar. The second performers were a group of teachers showing off their dance moves and rocking the dance floor. Well, what can we say all of them gave us a wonderful show.

After the competition, “Guess the word” was the next game. The contestants will use the letters of the word VALENTINES to form the word which is asked. This game has definitely made them nervous and serious. They have to listen attentively and spell the word correctly. It looks like they have applied what they have learned in BECI. Nice job! All of them gave the right word with correct spelling.


Last but not the least; the winner for Mr. and Miss Valentines is Mr. Thomas from Vietnam and Ms. Akane from Japan. These students have been studying for quite a long time. They got the highest votes from the school. Based on our survey, they weren’t chosen just because they are beautiful and handsome but they are people with great hearts. They served as a role model for foreign students because they embrace their lives as a foreign person in a foreign country. They live with it, endure it and enjoy it.

The event turned out as expected. Everyone was smiling while talking about the funnies part of the program. We would like to say thank you to all of the students’, staffs’ and teachers’ support.