Bencab Museum

Why is everybody going to Bencab Museum?

The BenCab Museum is one of the top tourist attractions in Baguio City. Named after Benedicto Cabrera, a Filipino painter who have won numerous awards in art.

“Tickets cost 100 pesos, 80 pesos for students and senior citizens with valid IDs”

The modern architecture of the museum with high ceilings, glass walls and large windows that lets in a lot of natural light and the cool Baguio breeze will put one in a relaxed mood while viewing the large collection of artwork in the museum.


“BenCab’s muse, the scavenger figure named Sabel.”

The museum houses 11 smaller galleries: The BenCab Gallery, Maestro Gallery, Sepia Gallery, Cordillera Gallery, Erotica Gallery, Patio Salvador, Philippines Contemporary Art Gallery 1 and 2, Print Gallery, Larawan Hall and Gallery Indigo. What strikes tourists the most is the collection of Cordilleran art, sculptures and artifacts that is shown in the museum. The display immerses viewers to a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of the Cordillera.

On the lowest level of the museum is the quaint Cafe Sabel. A fun and vibrant restaurant that serves a variety of dishes from pasta to steak to salad and many more. Not only do they have good and fresh food but also refreshing hot and cold drinks.

“Cafe Sabel”

Aside from the artworks, BenCab Museum also commands a magnificent view of the adjacent garden, the farm, a mini-forest, the mountains and the South China Sea which can be seen glistening in the west on a clear day.


The BenCab Museum Garden and Duck Pond.

In 2013, the museum was given a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor and was awarded Traveler’s Choice in 2014. It is a must-see place for all tourists visiting Baguio City.