BECI's Activity: Outreach Program

We started our journey from BECI to Gilbert Simon Elementary School by jeepney.  By the time we arrived at the school it was around 1:15pm in the afternoon. We were welcomed by the students (Grade 1 to 7), teachers and principal of the school, Ms. Mildred Marquez.

A welcome remark from the Principal and Opening Remarks from BECI’s head teacher Ms. Yana S. Dulay was given before the start of the outreach program. Students from different nationalities like Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Yemeni were present during the whole outreach program. It was indeed their second time.

When we were there we could see the smiles, laughter, and joy of the kids when they saw us all. They greeted us with a big “Hi’s” and “Hello’s”.

Before the start of the culture exchange, We had a intermission participated by the Staffs of BECI, and the whole students joined. A lovely performance was done by a Japanese female and a Korean student where the kids enjoyed with great excitement and happiness.

The elementary students were sent to different classes according to their respective grades. Yemeni students from BECI  presented a memory game, which included cover of bottles which they had to match one another. While, the Chinese and Taiwanese students taught some words related to what is found in China like Panda and Great wall of China.

Aside from that, the Japanese taught the elementary students how to write their name in Calligraphy and were taught to make an Origami. The Koreans taught the kids how to dance korean children song. Also, the Vietnamese taught to speak with their own language.


Once everyone was done with their activities, snacks were also provided to all. Before the end of the program, a group photograph was taken that includes the students, staffs and teachers. While exchanging our goodbyes to one another and taking selfies, we saw that they were very happy and that made us the thought of going back here again.

This a once in a life time opportunity to meet and greet with the children of Baguio.

This is our contribution to a public school in Baguio City.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

― Mother Teresa

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