What is there in Igorot Park?

One of the smallest tourist destinations in Baguio city is Igorot Park. It is mostly visited to get a postcard like picture with the structural display of native men in spear and shield. You can always see people around that area, aside from tourist, the local as well Park is a playground for the game of mind, chess. Chess is a board game but you could not find chess boards around because already build-in on the tables.

The chess opponents do not necessarily know each other. Students also can visit there to compete with the regular players there to practice. And definitely tourist and strangers are welcome to compete. Bystander’s watching can bet who of the opponents will win. This chess game attracts many people and gamers. And, you can enjoy playing unlimited times for only PHP 10.00, open for everyone. But remember while playing or watching, beware of culprits eyeing in your belongings

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