A little closer to nature at Botanical Garden

Baguio City has lots of place to offer. One popular destination for travelers, tourists and locals is the Botanical Garden.  This is also known as the Igorot (Native people of Baguio) Village, According to some blogs.

There is no entrance fee. It is open to the public and is located along Leonard Wood Road and between Teachers Camp and Wright Park. The place has booths where tourist can take pictures with Indigenous people of the Cordilleras.  Also, they can dress like Natives too.

Exploring on this wide garden, you can also find structures and displays inspired from other countries such as Chinese with the Pagoda and numbers of small Buddha, Korean for the Taebaek Park on bridge and so on. But this tourist spot was also influenced by the Japanese colonizers way back from World War II, creating the Japanese Tunnel.


Other more attractions include an imitation of the San Francisco Bridge, a wishing well and the native huts. Everywhere is surrounded with flowers and there are also some found in different countries with a signage which country it came from. And, there are also lots of other ornamental and non-ornamental plants.

As you enter the Botanical Garden, one thing that will welcome you is a place to dine and eat called “The Garden Diner.” But, we decided to go and eat there after our tour on the garden. This establishment offers variety of rice meals and we tried Beef Shawarma with Java Rice for PHP 150.00, Pork Sisig PHP 150.00 and also some refreshments that definitely accorded to our needs.


Visiting Baguio City and choosing Botanical Garden is like having an experience going out of the country. You will never run out of experiences here. It is all in here.  Choose Baguio!

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