BECI – Paysan from Taiwan says Baguio is an ideal place for living and studying

I am Paysan from Taiwan and I am a computer engineer.

I just finished my 4-week SPARTA course in BECI, and in a few days, I will be reunited with my family. It’s a bit disappointing because I wish to stay here as long as 12 weeks, but it’s the longest break that I can take from my job.

There are things that make this city an ideal place for living and studying. Baguio has a cool temperature which makes you feel relaxed and less tense. For students like me who study for long hours, stress and tiredness can’t be avoided so a good living condition is very important.


BECI environment is clean, friendly, and comforting for foreign students. From the campus, I can see an amazing view of mountains and green trees.

BECI’s environment is not the only thing which is good but also the classes. From my experience, BECI Sparta course has a lot of man to man classes. I had 5 man to man classes that helped me enhance my English. Group classes are very useful too because the teachers handle the class in a fun and informative way. The group class teachers are skillful in handling the class which I definitely admire.

Sparta requires patience and dedication for a student to be able to handle the long hours of studying. I’m happy that I learned a lot in Sparta and I improved my English. When I go back to Taiwan, I have to keep studying by myself. Otherwise, I will forget what I have learned.

I would recommend BECI to students who would like to study English. I also would recommend the Sparta course because it works. The only piece of advice I can give is that they must lengthen their patience and be more passionate when it comes to learning.

— Paysan

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