Regional Haven Revisited

Regional Haven Revisited

“Thank you.”

No words or phrases seem cliché as long as it sincere and fervent.

Monol International Education Institute revisited the Regional Haven for Girls and Women on May 15, Monday, as part of the community involvement program, a way of giving back and requiting the hospitality of Baguio community.

Monol students shared a part of their culture by introducing the art of paper folding, which is also known as origami and later taught the step by step process of making kimbap, a Korean dish made from rice and vegetables rolled in dried sheet of seaweeds.

The said activities lasted for three hours including snacks and hearty conversations and ended up sharing over kimbap made by everyone. The time spent with them was quite short-lived, as one of the students said, “I wish we could stay longer”. But it was indeed, a visit to cherish.


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