A&J – Dinh Thanh Thao gives a short note about studying

I’m a first timer to study English in the Philippines. Before I came here, I am worried about coming here alone. But the uneasiness about it disappeared as soon as I came here.

All the people in the Philippines are so kind and so funny. I always could study without worry about anything.

In addition, the staffs of this academy also are so kind and always were concerned about all students, so I could stay here dissatisfied with nothing. I was motivated to study English more with what happened here. This experience was really wonderful. I will make use of this experience.


Thanks, A&J teachers, president, vice-president, managers. I hope that we can meet again someday here. I don`t want to go back but I have to do. See you guys and take care.

— Dinh Thanh Thao “Jane”

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