BECI students take a splash on a Junior Summer Camp in Pugo, La Union

On a sunny day of June 10th, we were bound to one of the renowned amusement resort in La Union, the Kultura Splash Wave. This was a scheduled event for Vietnamese students as part of their course, the most anticipated Junior Camp.

We were gathered at the Green Valley Clubhouse at 8:30 AM and left the City occupying four jeepneys on a two-hour trip.  But before leaving, they first had their group picture seemingly excited for the outing.

There were around 60 students, including teachers, country managers, and parents. This bunch of Vietnamese for this Junior Camp consist of ages ranging from 8 to 17 years old. Yes, we are talking about kids and you could not imagine how excited they were to be in the resort. They would even ignore the camera and prefer not being disturbed on their swim.

It was indeed pretty hot on that day. But the kids were very ready to invade the resort. We rented five cottages to accommodate rest and food for all. The students were really having fun and enjoyed swimming in the pools. The fascination on the artificial waves attracted their attention because it made them feel like they were in the ocean.  They also found an adventure on the watersides where there is a straight, curved, and looped slide. The water fountain was also there that added fun to the kids.

As they keep swimming and feeling the moment of enjoyment, they got hungry for sure. And to make the day complete for the kids, fried chickens and ice creams were provided to fill their hunger and to energize their bodies again.

It was such a good experience seeing the kids enjoying their vacation and adapt to the country’s weather. It was then around 3:30 in the afternoon — time to go back to Baguio. After the swim comes tiredness, but this one day trip to Kultura gave everyone an unforgettable memory of happiness. Truly it is that Kultura is an amusement and theme park for all ages.

Seeing those kid made me happy. You can see the smile on their faces. And there is a feeling of satisfaction as well from the teaching staff and organizers of this Junior Camp. The choice of venue for this event was also one factor that made it successful.

Thank you for choosing us!


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