Sana talks about motivation and you may wonder about yourself after reading this

aIndeed, there are many reasons that motivate many people to study. Who has more practical goals? Who looks forward to building a successful career in a company or even finding a good job? They are professionals. The top reason to study is that it is the best way to change and improve your life.

I love many things. I am keen on learning the English language because I think it is important for everyone. English is the primary language of not solely one country, but also of many businesses and education entities. It is used as communication between countries. If I study hard, I can go to a better university. It is imperative for me to get a good job. It will not only change my life but also my family’s. I have to study English hard. Studying is a basic requirement for a good future.

We live in a world which demands highly developed communication skills, sociability, and collaboration. As a global language, English plays a really big role worldwide. Surely, there should be more motivations which will push people to achieve English fluency.


How about you? What motivates you to study?

— Sana

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