In Pictures: Baguio's neighboring town set a giant salad for everyone

The Salad Bowl of the Philippines is only few kilometers away from Baguio City.  They set to aim for World’s Largest Vegetable Salad for Guinness World Book of Records that was held at the La Trinidad Trading Post last July 13, 2017.  The preparation of this salad was made by the chefs and students of a local culinary school.  Along with this event were the competition for biggest and smallest vegetables and the fruit & vegetable carving.


SKD or School of Knowledge and Development and our very own BESA schools have something in common which is the goal of developing ones knowledge.  Whereas SKD is field for Culinary and BESA is for learning the English language.  It is also good thing to know that these institutions welcomes everybody in all walks of life.  And you can experience this all here in Baguio City and the places surrounds.

Fun Facts!!!

  • 100% FREE to the public.
  • 1200 kg = 1.2 tons of Fresh salad serve to the public.
  • About 3000 people were fed during the event.
  • 160 kilos of romaine lettuce, 160 kilos of carrots, 160 kilos cucumber, 150 kilos sugar bits, 180 kilos tomatoes, 150 kilos marble potato, 30 kilos alfalfa etc.
  •  The size of the salad bowl was 20 feet by 32 feet.
  • 60 student chefs and three executive chefs were there to prepare salad.
  • (3) three types of dressing: mango salad dressing; strawberry salad dressing; and honey balsamic vinaigrette.
  • La Trinidad, Benguet is also a home to the World’s biggest Strawberry Cake.

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