Yukari opens up what triggered her to study English in the Philippines

I began to study English by the trigger of my experience when I went to Singapore 15 years ago. I was frustrated that I can’t speak English when I met an acquaintance’s daughter. After that, I went to an English conversation school and studied by myself, but I didn’t last long. Then, I have spent most of my time without studying English.

I needed to study English again because one of my present co-workers in the office is a Filipino. I have been to Austria once for business. I also had to speak English. I couldn’t speak and understand English, so I was frustrated again. I thought I must seriously study English.


I want to travel abroad and see each country’s World Heritage. But I love Japan, too. Suddenly it happened on March 11, 2011. Japan was heavily damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake. However, we never gave up, especially that Japan has gone through hardships.

Three years later, people will go to Japan because the Olympics will be held in Tokyo. I’d like to offer the original charm of Japan: its nature, culture, spirit, and people. I want a lot of foreigners to like Japan.

My past experiences and my desire to achieve my goal are my motivations to learn and to become fluent in speaking and understanding English more. So, I decided to study English in the Philippines.

I hope I can improve my English skills to a higher level than before. So I must continue studying.

— Yukari

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