TALK – Read Nguyen Thai Bao’s thoughts on studying English in the Philippines

Talk 12Good morning, everyone!

Today I am proud and happy because I can speak in front of you. I have studied for 3 months in here. In my case, 3 months is not enough to study English because learning is a never-ending process. That’s why we need to keep studying English after we graduate from this academy.

Nowadays, English is the most useful second language to learn in the world, for some of us will go to other countries to study, work, or travel. Some of us will go back to our home country to find a job or go back to school.

As a result of learning, English is important in our life. The reason why I chose to study in the Philippines is I can always use English. For three months of studying in here, I have received a lot of help from my teacher. I have decided the things that I need to improve my English skills.

I need to keep practicing. However, when we want to become a successful person in one’s life, we need to have goal and motivation to do something.

Learning English also needs goal and motivation. I hope one of us will continue studying. We need to have discipline and we don’t give up.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all my teachers who always give good advice to me. I want to say thank you to teacher Lolly who always teases me and make fun of me. She taught me how to write correctly. I also tease her and I’m interested in our class. She is the most special teacher to me. I want to say thank you to here again. I also want to say thank you to my teacher Jared and teacher John and teacher Nico. They always help me fix my pronunciation. They helped me improve myself. They boost my confidence when I communicate with everyone.

I want to say thank you to teacher Gwen and teacher Elvie. They are my speaking teachers who are very kind. I always bother them, I always give them the question and they are enthusiastic teaching and other teachers also teach with enthusiasm. Especially, I wanna say thank you to teacher Evelyn. She is like my mom. She always listens and gives me advice with my problem.

I wanna say thank you to teacher Vnn, teacher AA, teacher Jo, and teacher Michelle. In other words, I hope we all become successful and healthy.

Enjoy your life!

Thank you for listening.

— Nguyen Thai Bao “Bastian”

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