TALK – Learn how Song Ji Su lived her life in Baguio to learning English

Talk 8

Good morning everyone. I’m Sally. I’m happy to be given a chance to speak in front of you.

To start my speech. I’m going to share about my Baguio life. When I came here, honestly, I was very afraid because I don’t know how to speak English. Even though, I always try to say something using English with my teachers in order to improve my speaking skills. And I found out that it really helped me. My skills improved little by little.

I went out to apply what I’ve learned in the academy. However, people could not understand my opinion, so I always had to repeat that. Actually, I never give up. And I am practicing more to focus on the pronunciations of words. In here, I experienced a lot of things such as an internship. I was very satisfied with my life here, though I am getting fat. I would like to give some advice to the beginners. First, you have to make a purpose on yourself. My purpose is to speak little and to avoid fillers. I spoke with my teachers and student who are from other countries whenever I have a break time.

Moreover, I did free talking in my class with my teachers. I think it is also studying. Thanks to my goal, I could concentrate on my studies and improve my speaking ability more. Next, you should have confidence when you speak English. I was also feeling scared. Nevertheless, I was bumped into the situation. After bumping into continuously, I gained confidence and I removed the feeling of fear. Above all, I thought I can do everything. Don’t be afraid when you hear the word English. And keep bumping over and over. And then, I want to tell you all of my teachers who are working in Yangco and ENE.

Thank you so much for teaching me. I really love you.

Thank you for listening. Have a nice day.

— Song Ji Su “Sally”

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