Here's a brief letter from Yuk Keun Hoo to his teachers and friends in Baguio City

Talk 11

Good morning everyone. I’m Jace. I stayed 4 months here in Baguio City. At first, I was shy and nervous because I don’t know anyone but now I have friends already so no need to be shy and nervous. I think that studying English helped me a lot for who I am now. In the past, I couldn’t speak English and I didn’t study English. But nowadays I can speak English well and can even deliver a speech in front of the audience. My teacher helped me improve my English skill.

My teachers taught me hard. When I don’t understand the topics they explained it to me patiently by giving examples and by letting me understand and expand my vocabulary. M. Louis always guides us. I love him because he always takes good care of us. He always gives me a pep talk me studying English and my future and he buys food for me. Thank you very much to my friends, ate, and kuya for everything. I’m happy that I already graduated. I will miss my teacher, my friends, and M. Louis. Thank you, everybody. Cheer up and good luck!

— Yuk Keun Hoo “JACE”

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