Things to know about TALK Academy

Learning the English Language is a necessity as the world lives and abides with this international language. For countries to join the international market, English proficiency has become a ticket and weapon.

And so, the industry of English learning schools has boomed. Everyone wants to join the global scene, and everyone wants to prepare themselves for this competitive journey.

BESA has played a significant role in this industry, serving students from Asian countries. One of its school, CANITALK Academy, is a respected English learning provider.

It started on April 2008, formerly called as CANITALK Center. On May 2008, it was accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to offer English learning programs. It is now known as CANITALK Academy, or TALK. As the academy continues to progress to meet its missions, it has expanded its branches in May 2011 and October 2013.

TALK is now one of the leading English Academies in Baguio City that provides a transformative learning institution equipped in providing excellent English education. It is geared towards developing students’ competence and boosts their confidence through its modern facilities, highly professional educators, and comfortable environment. It also provides continuing education programs for teachers to enhance their abilities and skills to be able to share with the students.

The course is comprised of:

  • Power Speaking which includes a package of Listening, Reading, Grammar and Writing to enhance the application on English fluency.
  • Leveling to identify which level of learning a student should take
  • Job Ready Program, as is, giving an opportunity to work in Australia.

ESL Programs are offered and categorized as 421, 521 and 611 that basically means the hours of General ESL subjects, duration of the group class, and the native class. There is also an Intensive TOEIC curriculum to ensure the mastery student on the use of English Language. Also part of the course is IELTS that gives hands-on experience of the standardized examinations for working and living in native English speaking countries.

Talk Academy has a powerful and efficient curriculum that has purpose and direction to helping students gain high English proficiency. The continuously increasing number of students and good reviews are proofs of its excellence.

For more information:




Sparta Center (ESL Center)

#37 Yangco Road
Upper General Luna
Baguio City, Philippines 2600


ENE TOEIC/TOEFL Center (Test Center)

Lot A, Dacanay Building
Marcos Highway
Baguio City, Philippines 2600





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