BECI – Laya from Vietnam shares why BECI is a good place to study IELTS

Could you please share with us your reason why you choose BECI as your English Learning School? What were your goals?

I chose BECI incidentally! I have thought about going to the Philippines to learn English but it had so many schools that I didn’t know which schools would be suitable for me. I mean, I was really worried about the qualification, the price, the school’s position. Luckily, at that time, one of my friends introduced BECI to me and I have been impressed immediately by some pictures that she gave me. And I checked the information of BECI on the internet, wow! What a good place! I just simply would try to learn English here – in BECI to get the IELTS scores.

Q: What were your impressions about BECI?

Actually, I have a lot of good impressions about BECI. I love everything about BECI, but I am impressed mostly by their facilities. The first day I came here, I really liked the view from the lounge because I could see the mountain with a lot of trees around. I think BECI is really beautiful in my sight… and so romantic!

Q: What did you learn and achieve from IELTS course? Were you satisfied with the results? Could you please share with us some experiences while you were studying English?

When I learned IELTS course, I have improved more and more in my the four skills needed such as listening, writing, speaking and reading. I am happy that my speaking skills have improved very much.

I am really satisfied with my test result because my weekly scores increased a lot since I went to BECI. Now I know more about IELTS test, such as the structure and how to answer difficult questions so I can do it confidently.

I really enjoyed the time I studied in BECI because all of my teachers here are really dedicated. They taught me many tips for IELTS and also helped me improve my pronunciation. So if you want to raise your level in English skills, you should come here to study. I am sure you will have a good experience here just like me.

In addition, I have struck up with many friends from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, so I expanded my relationships. They are really friendly, generous, and funny so we had a lot of fun here. Together we improved our English day by day.

What is the thing that you likes most in BECI?

Uhm… Let me see… EOP! (Haha!) I really like the rule “English Only Policy” (EOP). In BECI, I need to speak English in the lounge and classroom for 24/24 hours even with Vietnamese. I am in favor of that good policy. If I get used to the environment where we just speak English, I will have a higher chance of enhancing my speaking skills. When we speak English with each other, I won’t feel a language barrier because everybody speaks English only.

Q: If you can describe BECI in one word, what would it be?

GOOD! There are many words I want to describe BECI but if you just give me one word, that would be GOOD. For me, BECI is a suitable academy for the youth of Vietnam. BECI is not only a good school to study which gives us a good chance to enhance English but also a good place to make international friendship. All the time I stayed in BECI, I felt like this was my second home in the Philippines. I really miss BECI now.

I hope I can come back here again, and next time I will ask my best friend to go with me.

Thank you for your sharing. BECI hopes to see you again and good luck to you!

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