BECI – Yanagi Ayame from Japan answers why she decided to study abroad

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Why have you decided to study abroad?

I believe that English is going to be in demand in the near future all over the world. I learned English in my high school, but I still couldn’t speak the language at all. I think it’s the fact that there are few chances to apply the English language in Japan. I decided to go to the Philippines to study English before heading to the US for my university. In the Philippines, I can practice English on a daily basis since it is commonly spoken. It is a good training for me to get used to speaking English before going to the US.

Why did you choose BECI as your English school?

I chose BECI in the Philippines because they offer more on man-to-man classes compared with other countries like US and Australia. In man-to-man classes, there’s only one student and one teacher which makes the learning more focused. In addition to that, man-to-man class encourages students to speak in English, otherwise, they can’t communicate with their teacher.



What do you think are the strong points of BECI?

Baguio City is peaceful and it offers comfortable living condition. It has a relaxing and cool weather, which is neither too hot nor too cold. You can also take a taxi without any worries about the fee because they use a meter so the passenger can pay the exact amount. Also, the drivers are reliable and kind so you will feel safe and sound.

BECI Academy has been in the English business for 15 years, but just last year they moved to a new location. The buildings are relatively new, the rooms are well cleaned, and it has a clean and green environment. In BECI, the lounge is my favorite spot because it is a comfortable area for studying. It is also a place to communicate with other nationalities in English since it has EOP(English Only Policy). One of the best things I can say is the remarkable service of the Japanese Managers.  They are very supportive, caring, and helpful in every way they can.

Which English skills do you think you most improved on?

I can say that I have improved my speaking skill because I need to speak English during the class, and I have to listen carefully so I can comprehend what the teacher is saying. I also have friends from different countries so I get to speak English all the time, which never happened when I was in Japan. Also, BECI’s comforting environment helps me to deal with my studies.


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What advise can you give to students who plan to study abroad?

Based on my experience as an ESL learner, I strongly believed that it is better to master the basic grammar and vocabulary before going abroad to study English. Also, in order to retain what you have learned, you should apply it on a daily basis. This is an effective way to keep improving your English skill.

For students who are planning to come and study. I would like to advise them to be active in the class and interact more with the students of other nationality as much as possible. In the class, you can kindly ask the teacher to adjust on how you want the class to be. If you want to do something or you want to suggest some ways that will help you to learn more effectively, then talk to your teacher about it. This way worked for me so I hope it will work for you. In some point of your time as a student, you will feel disappointed because of the improvement you have to make, but look on the bright side and work more. Your friends are also there to cheer you up. Their presence is enough so cherish that time.

Studying in BECI is definitely worth it, and they have what it takes to produce successful results like I had.

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