BECI spends a day with the children of Tuba

Baguio English Communication Institute (BECI) provides an excellent program for learning English as the Second Language to all individuals interested in improving their communication skills. It also embraces different cultures and nationalities to promote goodwill for all.

As part of BECI’s gratitude for the growth of the school, the institute went to pursue selfless goals and give back.

BECI showed its compassion by holding an outreach program to a newly-opened public school located at Tuba, Benguet on July 22, 2017. Tadiangan Elementary School offers education from kindergarten to Grade 6 level, where most of the pupils attending the classes belong to indigent families. Some of the families were relocated victims of the typhoon, and there were elders needing medical attention.

The kids were given school supplies and art materials which painted broad smiles on their faces. BECI also donated chairs and tables to the school for the comfort of the kids and enhance their learning experience.

It had been a fulfilling day for everyone. Aside from the kids who are delighted with their gifts, the students of BECI enjoyed interacting with the locals and sharing about their own culture. The outreach program served as a good avenue to use the English language, break the cultural barriers, and sharing compassion to others.

BECI believes that learning is not limited within the premise of the school and that there is no limit in lending hands to those who are in need. Learn and grow with BECI!

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