Unwind at the Monol Lounge

There’s always a room for improvement and by ‘room’, we mean literally.

The old SRD office has been completely revamped to make room for our Employee/Student Lounge which opened last August. The purpose of the lounge is to provide a tranquil space for students or employees to socialize, study, and rest before, during, or after classes or on breaks. It is located on the B3 floor of the campus just near the lobby. What is great is that food and beverages are allowed and the lounge provides comfortable furniture for students to relax on. The Employees lounge is also covered by CCTV Cameras for everybody’s safety.

Where we study or work usually has a big impact on our ability to be productive so here are some things you can benefit from the newly created lounge.


The lounge is provided for students and employees to use as a venue to study, or take a break. Some students find the lounge to be productive because of its quiet and serene ambiance. Students usually find new environments besides classrooms and dorm rooms to be helpful for their learning. The lounge provides just that as its adequate lighting and minimal noise level helps the student focus on his/her studies.


The lounge was made for relaxation. The seats are very comfortable while the tables are properly picked to make it a relaxing experience. Everything within the lounge complements each other so that everybody could just sit and spend their time stress-free. This place is also good for employees to unwind when things get overwhelming. Employees and teachers can also use the lounge to unwind after classes or rest before going to their next class. This will reduce the stress to the employee that would lead to better job performances in the workplace.




We always need a place for socialization. The lounge serves as a venue for teachers and students to bond and socialize. Students can approach their teachers at the lounge casually and they could ask questions or talk to their teachers. When teachers or employees hangout with their co-workers, this would increase collaboration and deepen bonds within each other. The lounge is a great place to encourage interactions between everybody at Monol. Simple conversations go a long way in creating bonds made in Monol. Grab a friend now and head over to the lounge!


CCTV’s are placed in the lounge to ensure the safety of the students and employees. Although the students can go outside the premises of Monol, we provide the lounge as a safer environment for them.

Head on over to our lounge to study, relax, hang-out, daydream, socialize, or revitalize, for a day of happiness here at Monol.

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