Academically-conducive Environment

The City of Baguio has many names.

Baguio City has interesting landscapes and weather that stays away from what the tropical country is known. Instead of flatlands and beautiful beaches, it is comprised of mountains that create a stunning view from afar. The high elevation of the city is the factor why it has a cold climate that is loved by the locals. Foreign tourists get surprised coming into the city as the majority of the Philippine lands is as hot as an oven.


Baguio stands out from the cities of the country.

While other places in the country are on your bucket list, there is no comparison with what Baguio can offer: home. You may enjoy the clear waters of beaches and the heat of the sun but at the end of the day, you want to lie in your bed with the beautiful views on your window. That is life in Baguio – a life of comfort.


The city is recognized as one of the safest places in the country with low crime rates.

The people of Cordillera are so warm and hospitable that a little talk with them can make both of you friends instantly. This kind of atmosphere had captured people from different provinces, even from different countries. Baguio has become a haven for multinational and multicultural people just like New York and London. Everyone is welcome.


The cost of living is affordable.

Because of its cold climate, you don’t need air conditioning units to sleep comfortably any time of the day. Riding on public transports are not a hassle and taxis are cheaper than Manila. Instead of spending too much on your convenience, why not live in Baguio and spare half of your money to travel around the tourist spots around the city?


Baguio is waiting for you.

Traveling is also a learning process you get beyond the four walls of a classroom. Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet new people, new culture, and new experiences. Because Baguio can give you all of these things, you can go back to your country with more skills and more of who you were before.

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