TALK – Learn from the best student about his journey at the academy

Lim HaejunGood afternoon, everyone! My name is Jun.

Did I expect to be the best student?

Well, I never expected to be the best student because I’m not a good speaker. First of all, thank you so much to my teachers who have been teaching me diligently and choosing me as the best student. When I came here, I questioned myself, “Will my English be good after three months? When I return to Korea, will my English be better than now?”

I think I’m very disappointed with myself that I have no confidence in using English.

What did I do to become the best student?

I have done nothing to become the best student. Thanks to all the teachers who have taught me hard. When I speak English, they always listen to me and help me build confidence. They have always fixed my sentences when I speak to them. I was able to write down and practice again at the end of the class. I always wanted to receive homework. Because it is the best way to improve my English skill.

Anyway, if you have time, you try to have a discussion with your teachers.

This is TALK Academy. It is the best place to use and improve English skill.

What can I say to other students who want to become the best student?

What is your purpose in coming here? Everybody will agree that we are here to improve our English. Then, don’t forget your intention and goal. It is a fact that most people have become lazy since they became accustomed to this place.

For example, we prefer to go out on weekends instead of studying. Of course, taking a rest is necessary for studying a lesson. The problem is that after enjoying the rest of the weekend, you will be absent and take a rest again. To avoid making such mistake, you must manage your time wisely, attend night classes or review your previous lessons.

Anyone can be the best student. Even though you may run into your limit while studying English, never give up. It’s just a step forward to step up.

Thank you and have a good day.

— Lim Haejun “JUN”

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