TALK – Torn between New Zealand and the Philippines, Park Eunju didn’t regret her on her choice

Untitled-1At first, I already decided to go to New Zealand for a working holiday, but I thought I have to study English more.

So I searched for academies in the Philippines and I got some advice and a lot of information from my agency. The biggest reason why I chose this academy is that most students were satisfied and they wanted their study in this academy.

Before I came here, I really want to skip the Philippines and go directly to New Zealand because I didn’t know my English ability. As time goes by, I realized my English skill is not enough. If I go directly to New Zealand, I would regret it.

If I didn’t enter this academy, I couldn’t meet my kind and friendly batchmates and teachers.

Whenever I meet some foreigners, I felt nervous and little scared but now is different. I can go to New Zealand without any worries

— Park Eunju “JOY”

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