PINES – The Spring of Ysabella’s English Improvement

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Diversity makes English learning abroad fun and effective. Ysabella met a lot of friends from different countries.

The will of the younger generation to study English is so firm that they pack their bags and choose an academy abroad that suits their personal language needs. 19-year-old Lê Thanh Hồng from Vietnam flew in to Baguio City, Philippines in order to improve her English skills. Improving one’s English Skill and traveling abroad is an educational trend that she wants to experience. Educational trend is an understatement; she would rather call it passion. Her passion to experience something new through English is admirable. Let’s get to know Ysabella and check her over-all Pines English Academy experience.

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Ysa thinks that learning English abroad built her confidence.

Why did you choose Pines International Academy?

I have chosen Pines International Academy as my school because of its English Education quality. I am studying IELTS course at Pines Advanced (Chapis) Campus. It is famous with its IELTS Guarantee Course. Teachers are certified and well-trained. They have the knowledge and experience about English in a way that we can use for the future. Second, I love our school atmosphere. Studying in Chapis Campus is so convenient because the facilities are complete. It has Wi-Fi, gym and the neighborhood is nice and peaceful. I also think that the best location is Baguio City where Pines International Academy is located. The cool atmosphere makes me feel comfortable. I can concentrate on studying. Third, I have met new foreign friends from Japan, Korea, Thailand and Mongolia. During break time, I can have more conversations and practice English skills with them.

How did you know about Pines International Academy?

I found lots of information about PIA on the internet and watched interesting videos of Pines students. The teaching method of Pines teachers is good.

Why do want to study English?

I am preparing to study abroad, so I would like to be exposed in an English speaking environment. Most of the time, I utilize the language with my teachers and friends. I’m confident to study abroad and converse with other English learners from all over the world.

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Ysa utilizes English language 90% of the time with her friends from Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class is Speaking as I can express my idea to my teachers. They check my pronunciation and grammar for me to come up with an ideal answer. Also, they give details and effective coaching. At the end of the class, they give me a list of feedback.

What will you miss about PIA ?

I will miss the ambiance in Chapis Campus and spending time with my teachers and friends. We have a lot of unforgettable memories here like challenging classes, attending Friendship night and relaxing times together on weekends. I will keep in touch with everyone.

My name is Isa. I am inviting you to come join Pines International Academy. Pines International academy is the best school for your English. You will not only improve your English but excel in the coming years. Before coming here, I couldn’t express myself clearly in English. Do you want to become like me? Confident English Speaker, come to Pines Soon. I am challenging you~


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