BECI – How Christina overcame the challenge of studying the English language abroad

Christina’s Diary at BECI from July 10, 2017 to September 28, 2017

It was one of the challenges in my life to study English abroad, and I made it at BECI.


I saved money for 3 years working abroad to use it as a budget for studying.  This was a tough decision to make because I have to give up my university for 1 year. I had to give up my precious university life and earn money so I can study English abroad.

On the other hand, the decision I made was great. I improved my self-confidence in speaking English. Other than that, I made a lot of foreign friends with special memories at BECI.

Above all, I met skillful teachers like Nhel, Nora, Lovi, Des, Atasha, Taylor, Ester, Milrose, and Jake. They taught me easier ways to learn English and other techniques to further improve my English skills.


When I first arrived in Baguio, I was so surprised that the weather here is not as I expected it to be.

Unlike other cities in the Philippines, sometimes it’s like cool Autumn or warm Spring in Korea and it’s quite cold with rain sometimes. The weather here was very attractive to me.

I attended the semi-Sparta course at first, but I changed my mind and attended Sparta course in the next month because as time goes by I gained confidence in English. I changed course because I wanted to improve my English skills more by studying harder.

There are strong points on each course.  As for the semi-Sparta, we can have 4 one-on-one classes, 2 group classes with a maximum of 4 students. This course would give you more time to have self-study in the lounge. As for Sparta, we study for 11 hours every day with 10 minutes break in between classes. Though the class hours were so long I still enjoyed every class because of the interesting curriculum.


The Sparta course helped me to improve my English skills due to its consistent teaching methods and program which motivated me to enjoy my classes.

BECI offers courses which one can choose to fit their needs and studying expectations. In Sparta, I like the group classes especially of Teacher Des because she has exciting activities.

The workbooks I had in BECI surely gave me survival and everyday expressions which I can practically use to communicate.

As for the teachers, whenever I couldn’t understand their explanations, they patiently repeat it so I can understand it.

Now I only have few weeks left, I will miss the times I spent with my teachers.


In BECI there are student managers from each country like China, Japan, and Vietnam whom students can look for when they need help or assistance. These managers are very responsible and supportive.

Let me take this opportunity to appreciate the Korean manager Patrick for helping me stay here comfortably.

While staying in the Philippines I traveled a lot, too. It was not that easy to plan a trip abroad when I was in Korea. After studying here, I gained more confidence in English so now I can plan trips with full courage.

Aside from studying English, the budget for traveling is not expensive, so I visited some famous tourist spots like Boracay, San Fernando, San Juan, and Pugad. I also visited some foreign countries near the Philippines like Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, Taiwan.

These trips helped me to widen my understanding of life and helped me to improve my English skills generally.


Every moment in BECI during this 3 months is like a gift to me. I would never forget the days in the school, lovely weather in Baguio and skillful teachers and managers who helped me a lot.

I would choose BECI again for sure when I have another opportunity to study abroad. I would like to say thank you to all BECI people for making my stay worthwhile.

— Christina

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