Fill up your stomach with these 6 classic Filipino restaurants in Baguio

There are a lot of hobbies out there, but the best one to have is — we all know it — eating! Whether for Instagram feed goals or just eating your heart out, the joy that food brings us is undeniable.

Baguio City has a wide option of restaurants and cafés to fill up your stomach, but let us start with those dishes that are so comfortably Filipino.

1. Jollibee

Okay, this is not a restaurant but it’s a mistake to not include it in the list. Who doesn’t know that big happy bee in bright red and yellow wearing a chef’s hat? It has long been greeting everyone with a great smile in every corner of Baguio.

Not only kids jump out of joy, those who are kids at heart also get captivated by the mascot. It has even conquered the US, and so the attention of other nationalities. TV host and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain even praised Jollibee’s menu.

“Oh yeah, chicken and spaghetti! And not just any spaghetti. I think it’s like sweet, banana, ketchup-y stuff with hotdogs. That spaghetti is deranged, yet strangely alluring.” — Anthony Bourdain

This is a garlic lover’s dream. There’s a richness in flavor, yet the dish avoids feeling heavy or dense. — Business Insider

It’s deliciously fruity without being syrupy sweet, and it deftly avoids the fake peach flavor you expect. — Business Insider

The patty, sauce, cheese, lettuce, bacon, and pineapple all combine for one harmonious melody of fast-food burger brilliance. This burger can duke it out with the top American contenders — it’s that shockingly good. — Business Insider

2. Classic Savory

Started as a panciteria, this 68-year old restaurant continues to serve hearty, comfort food for Filipinos. Established by Ting brothers, 80 branches now operate worldwide.

This plate of Shanghai rolls is a perfect accompaniment to any dish and served with sweet and sour dip.

Fresh broccoli flowers cooked in sweet oyster sauce will surely leave your mouth watering.

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Beef Broccoli with Oyster Sauce… #ClassicSavory

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Here is the menu’s winner, the forever-staple Savory Chicken.

3. Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal is a restaurant that serves the chicken cooked in a way that originated in Bacolod. Inasal is an Ilonggo term that means ‘chargrilled’ or ‘roasted’ as the meat was marinated with a local lime fruit, pepper, vinegar, and annato oil. It is grilled over live coals and basted with the mixture.

A truly Filipino dish that even tourists fall in love with. In fact, Koreans really joins the line just to get a bite of this!

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Ngaun lng ulet…. Bglang nagutom hehe #MangInasal

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Just in case you want pork, there is also sisig. It is an exotic dish made of pig’s head and liver having a rubbery texture and taste that will make you want more. It is topped with egg and served steamy and sizzling.

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Unli Rice

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Mang Inasal also serves dessert and among the favorite is halo halo. It is a literal translation of ‘mix mix’ because assorted ingredients like sweet beans, sweet potatoes, sago, purple yam, jelly cubes, and milk are mixed with shaved ice in one bowl! This is the queen of Filipino desserts and even foreign tourists fell in love with it.

4. Solibao

If you want a Filipino restaurant that can only be found in Baguio, Solibao may be the one you are looking for. It started in 1972, gaining 6 branches around the city of pines. The restaurant got its name from the drums used by the natives of Cordilleras.

Solibao is popular for its puto bumbong, a dessert made of gelatinous rice (puto) cooked in bamboo tubes (bumbong). It is best paired with hot chocolate or tea.

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You can get a taste of Filipino comfort food like this:

Or you better savor a steamy sinigang on a cold morning.

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5. Calajo


That’s the meaning of the restaurant’s name rooted from Ibaloi. Calajo commits to serving Benguet cuisines adding some twists. It opened first in La Trinidad, but has a branch at Session Road.

It’s tea time!

Try this YOLO yogurt!

Snack buffet!

6. Good Taste

Are you hungry but don’t like to spend much? Good Taste is here for you. There are only two branches in the entirety of Baguio but both of them are always full of people. It is the fact that it has a wide variety of food to choose from and they are all affordable. And the price does not compromise the taste. This is fit for a family gathering or friendship bonding.

This is a restaurant you shouldn’t miss when you are in Baguio.

The best-selling pair: buttered chicken and chopsuey


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