4 Things You Can Do in La Union During Weekends

Got nothing to do on weekends? Want to unwind but does not want to commit long hours on the journey? La Union is a few hours away from Baguio — a province full of beaches and adventures.

Here are some you can pack your bags into:

Go Surfing at San Juan Beach

San Juan, La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of the North as its beach has waves big enough to get on a board. Although the waves are not on the scale of Siargao, it is still loved by locals and tourists that they participate in Surfing Break held every year. The beach is said to be perfect for those beginners as the waves are steady and easier for boards.



Plunge on Tangadan Falls

Tangadan Falls is growing as a popular tourist destination. Reaching it takes 20 minutes of trekking and crossing the river. The physical effort though will reward you a majestic nature in which you can plunge and swim.



Or Swim in Tuddingan Falls



Tuddingan Falls stands 70 feet with rocks layered beautifully that can make a good feed on your Instagram. When you get there, witness the majestic beauty of the water flow down the falls and enjoy the swim at the bottom of the falls. It’s a great adventure to connect with nature.

Take photos of the Sculptures at Bahay na Bato

Bahay na Bato is literally translated as House of Stone. It is a rest house owned by Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble in Balaoan, but its interior and grounds are designed by a Korean stone sculptor, Bong Kim. It was open to public as an art haven in relation with the symbol of La Union as the Peeble Beach Capital of the Philippines.




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