BESA showcases its prestige to Taiwanese and Chinese Agencies through Fam Tour

The sense of sight has the power to enforce a person’s belief and so seeing a thing right before your eyes make you a firm testimony.

In the same principle, Baguio English Schools Association held a Familiarization Tour in November. As an umbrella organization, BESA sees the same power to promote its prestige in the field of academics. The 13 schools under its wings provide excellent programs on English Learning, and BESA aims to expand its sphere for the learning of students from different countries.


The delegates were Taiwanese and Chinese, who traveled from their country to be at Baguio City for a 4-day trip. The itinerary included visiting around and inside the campuses of participating affiliate schools and some tourist spots of Baguio City.

They toured to get a firsthand experience of being a student for each school, with all the facilities, accommodations, and curriculum. It gave them a reliable information and reviews on what makes each BESA affiliate school distinguished from other ESL schools.

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This event will help the agencies to bolster our market as we are confident that we offer an English education that can surely make the students globally competitive. BESA as the pioneer provider of ESL academies in Baguio City serves the students from Asian countries but has been doing well expanding its programs to some parts of Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.


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