BECI – Rebecca answers what student life is like at BECI

KakaoTalk_20171204_104003146by Rebecca

Studying English is very important for me because I think having great skills in English is considered as one of our achievements. Who knows, it might give us good opportunities in the future.

My agent introduced BECI and I don’t regret I chose this school. For 5 months of studying, I got satisfying improvement on my English skills.

In BECI, I met a lot of good friends from other countries and met good teachers. I like the environment because it gives the feeling of calmness and privacy.

As for Baguio, there are two things I like about this city based on my experience. First, the weather is just right, not so hot and not so cold. Second, vegetables and fruits have the best quality since the plantation is just nearby. So generally, the food in Baguio is garden-fresh and healthy. When you go to the public market, you can find a variety of them.


In BECI, the food is buffet style which is great for every student because you can have the chance to choose which sides or dish you prefer to eat. The school always serves colorful salads and dishes out of vegetables. I think this kind of meal is well balanced and advantageous to students. Based on what I learned, eating right can help you to be more energetic and more focused.


I observed that English application is the key to improvement.

So, I use English as much as I can whether I am inside or outside the school. I also go to the cinema all the time to practice my listening because, in Baguio, the movies don’t have subtitles.

The only advice I can share with students who are planning to study is to be open-minded and find ways to make your learning more effective. Speak English as much as you can and grab this chance to improve your self.



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