JIC caught up with one of our amazing managers, Ju Ho Park. Also known as Manager Kai. He used to live in Australia for 2 years and worked many different jobs all over Australia.  He plans to go to New Zealand for his next adventure and hopes to improve his English skill to test himself of how much he has improved here in JIC.

JIC: Manager Kai, how did you end up coming to JIC?

Kai: I started my first 3 months in an academy called BECI, at that time, I realized that studying is very interesting and fun. So I decided to study more  That’s why I applied as a manager in JIC.

JIC: So how much have you improved your English?

Kai: I think… you can’t really tell. But I think I improved. This is because, of course, firstly, I should improve my English level. And now, I can communicate with others. So because of that, I have indeed improved.

JIC: Do you have any goals?

Kai: Not an immediate one. But for now, to go to New Zealand. Earn money. Maybe get a girlfriend. Not sure. I still don’t have plans to get married. So, looking for a job first in New Zealand. Or if I change my mind, in Korea.

JIC: What can you say about JIC?

Kai: If I compare it to my previous academy, my previous academy is bigger than JIC. And they have many different nationalities. But here, especially in IB, Intensive Basic, there are lots of Koreans. So if you’re not Korean, I recommend JIC in IB. This is because you can practice with many friends and make many friends. In PS center too. It’s smaller than my previous academy but we become much closer to each other. And we can also concentrate on our studies. Also, teachers take great care of all the students, including teaching you the best way they can, that’s why if you need an IELTS score, JIC is better.

JIC: Why should people come to JIC?

Kai: I think if you want to improve your English, especially in speaking, the Philippines is good for practicing speaking. This is because in Korea if you practice speaking in English, it is very difficult. This is usually because Koreans are shy at speaking in English to Koreans. And in here, almost every Filipino speaks English and they have already adapted to speaking in English. You can use English every day here, practice and meet other nationalities too. That’s why I recommend studying English here.

05_Ju Ho park (pic2)

Ju Ho Park (Manager Kai)

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