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In the afternoon of December 16th, the Taiwanese Day is held at WALES – Widest Asian Learners English School – Baguio (Philippines). The program attracts the attention of many students coming from different countries: Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam … as well as the office staffs in this school.

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Students studying English at WALES have a chance to understand the culture clearly, especially the cuisine of this famous island in Asia through the program. Not only by sharing the cultural characteristics but learners from Taiwan also introduce traditional dishes during the Christmas season. Although it is not a special holiday for Taiwanese, a wide range of activities are still organized at this time especially that the members of the family will return home, gather together,  and share the achievements as well as plans in the future.

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In addition, this is a great opportunity for WALES students to connect, build strong relationships with friends over the world, and practice their English skills. Undoubtedly, the program has left a memorable experience for all students.

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Well-known as one of Baguio’s top-quality English language schools, WALES is not only focused on maintaining and developing the strengths of its teaching staffs and curriculum, but also designing different extracurricular activities: such as International Day, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, End of year…in order to provide a comfortable learning environment for students who study English here.

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