English as part of everyday life

Known in the world, Filipinos are naturally good speakers of the language that they prove to be effective teachers. English is taught since Grade 1 of basic education, so it is not surprising that even locals are well-versed in the universal language. You can talk with everyone in English when you’re lost or looking for a place to eat. Try it even in the public market!

In Baguio, you can use English anywhere, anytime!

Since the English language was taught by the American missionaries in the 1900s in Baguio, using English for communication has become a natural phenomenon. Although it is true that Filipinos, in general, are used to speaking in English, you will find that apart from their respective dialects, Baguio locals prefer to use English instead of the national language, Filipino, more familiarly known to other nationalities as Tagalog.

To most Filipinos, English is inculcated in every member of the family and starts at a very young age. It becomes the language used inside homes, at the same time, it is widely used in educational institutions as the mode of instruction. From nursery rhymes to pop music; from books to TV shows, English is everywhere.