How One-to-one Class Can Bring Out the Best in You

The curriculum of BESA schools is intensively tailored to provide students a learning experience that can equip them the necessary skills in the use of English Language to their utmost potential.

Group Class which consists of four students is deemed beneficial as it helps the teacher to give focus to each student more strongly than in a traditional classroom. The lesser the number of students the focus gets heavier, and that makes learning more effective.

By applying the principle, BESA standardizes the inclusion of the man-to-man class to all its affiliate schools.


Why man-to-man class is effective to bring out the best in students

Undivided Attention

When you are the student, you are the priority. Instead of waiting for your turn to either answer a question from your teachers or clarify a topic that you’re confused about, you have all the time to do so. Talking with your teacher is already part of the learning process.

You get to apply what you have learned with a person that can guide you in your grammar and pronunciation. It is an interactive kind of study that allows you to receive more feedback on your progress as a student and also allows the teacher to have a better understanding of your needs.

Every dialogue paves a way for you to get your money’s worth on ESL education.


Customization of the Learning Process

A disadvantage of group classroom is that the teachers have to make her teaching style uniform for all the students. Since students have different nationalities and culture, it is so hard to adopt one and the same approach to learn.

But in a man-to-man class, you as a student have the control to where the lesson is going. You can request concentrate on the topic you are hard on or make a lesson fast when you are already familiar with those points.



Breaking the Barrier

Spending hours talking with your teacher also let you open yourself. No one’s gonna laugh or cringe at the words you’ll be saying that talking becomes so easy and natural. This makes the discussion smooth and interactive, creating a bond between you and your teacher.

Forging a friendship while learning English at the same time is a huge reward.


It is also worth noting that man-to-man classes work on students with opposite personalities. An outgoing student will be veered away from distraction while a shy student won’t feel awkward about the environment.

Any BESA school has this man-to-man class to ensure you that you become the best you can be in using the English language.

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