4+ Places To Go When You Want to Grind Outside the Gym

Jogging is simple and flexible among all forms of exercises. It does not require a lot of equipment or facilities, just outdoor clothes and comfortable shoes. It is less tough than running but equally beneficial to burning your calories, which makes it good for everyone.

The treadmill is an answer for those who go to the gym, but jogging within the four walls can be a bore for some. So, better do it by going back to the basic. Jogging outdoors never falls from trend anyway. It is a classic way to work out while getting a fresh air and sunlight. One might even gain new friends.

And jogging outdoors is not a problem in Baguio City. Aside from its favorable climate, it also has suitable places to have those legs working.

Athletic Bowl


Photo by The Cordilleran Sun

The newly-renovated track and field of Baguio Athletic Bowl are now open to the public where athletes and health-conscious individuals can run in circles to their heart’s content.

The sporting venue is located on the grounds of the iconic Burnham Park. As a bonus, it also comes with swimming pools, just in case you wanted to a different physical activity.

Burnham Park

burnham-2016 (4)

The iconic park is not only famous for its biking area and boating lake. On mornings, people jog around the quadrilateral park and assemble in groups for Zumba.

Teacher’s Camp

The quiet grounds of Teacher’s Camp does not only hold the oldest buildings in Baguio City. It also keeps a track-and-field oval where you can jog in a truly relaxing ambiance.

Loakan Airport


Photo by Pinkislovebynix

The dormant airport is a favorite jogging place. It is a straight path that has a laidback atmosphere because it is nestled between mountains. The airport is only open for jogging until 8 am so you are literally braving the cold while working on your thighs, legs, and feet. It’s a different kind of morning routines, and make it more special by bringing your own dogs.


You read it right. Anywhere is a good jogging place, especially those roads that are filled with pine trees such as the Camp John Hay or Wright Park. Others actually choose to run in the winding streets of Loakan and South Drive, especially at night when fewer vehicles are passing.


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