WALES – Shirly from Taiwan shares why she chose WALES to help her land in a marketing career

Hello everyone, I’m Shirly from Taiwan. After postponing my current job in order to concentrate on developing my English skills, I decided to take part in an ESL course in Widest Asian Learner English School – Baguio (Philippines). I believe that I could possibly find a better job in Marketing field when I go back to my country.

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The Philippines is the  most ideal place for studying English in Asia

In fact, the Philippines and WALES is not the first idea coming out when I think of studying English abroad but Australia. After looking for information on the Internet as well as consulting with my friends who studied there already, I changed my mind from Australia to the Philippines. Whereas the quality of the program is comparable, tuition fees and living expenses are dramatically lower than Australia. Therefore, the Philippines and WALES is the best choice for studying English abroad.

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Teachers at WALES are well trained, dedicated and enthusiastic to students

First of all, I would like to share with you about the teaching staffs as a former student in this school. During 3 months, I had an opportunity to study with many different teachers. I realized that all teachers in WALES are carefully recruited so the educational quality is consistent and guaranteed. Moreover, the most important thing for me is that teachers are very dedicated and enthusiastic about their students.

In addition, I was very satisfied with the facilities and other services as well, such as student care, cleaning, laundry, and meals. At WALES, I just needed to focus on learning to increase my skills without paying attention to the rest which is responded by professional staffs.

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I had memorable experiences studying English in WALES – Baguio

Undoubtedly, my English skills are much better than the first day coming to WALES. At present, not only am I more confident in daily communication but I also plausibly present and defend my personal opinion persuasively.

I think each individual owns different requirements and goals, basing on these things you possibly choose the appropriate program and English school when studying English in the Philippines. From my point of view, Widest Asian Learner English School in Baguio is a good option for you if you are looking for the professional academic environment to increase English language skill in a short time.

Wish you study well and achieve more successes in the future.

Student information:

– Name: Shirly

– Nationality: Taiwanese

– Program: ESL at WALES

– Duration: 12 weeks (15/10/2017 – 06/01/2018)

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B4 WALES, The Zonevill Condominium, #4 Bukaneg st., Baguio City, Philippines



Skype, Talk, Line: walesph


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