JIC – Arthur, a singer-songwriter and manager

Lee Young Jun, aka Arthur, is one of our managers here at JIC. He is a great singer who aspires to become singer and songwriter. Here are few questions we asked him:

JIC: Is it difficult being a Manager?

Arthur: Yes, really, because some students make problems like Yuna. Hahahaha. No just kidding. I want to study hard but sometimes I have a lot of work, so I couldn’t hard enough. Also, I want to just speak English but the students need Korean explanation.

JIC: How did you find out about JIC?

Arthur: Uhm, my professor recommended Baguio, not the Philippines. Hahaha. In the Philippines, the weather is hot, sometimes too hot. But in Baguio, the weather is really cool. And in Baguio, there are no distractions so you can focus on studying, yeah so, I think Baguio is really good for studying.


JIC: Is it difficult only to speak English?

Arthur: Ah, yes because it’s not our first language. We usually use Korean, we don’t need to speak English in Korea. But in other countries, we really need English.

JIC: What are your plans after JIC?

Arthur: After JIC? Uhmm, Okay, I will go back to Korea and find a job. I hope to work in a music studio because my major is Music. I want to be able to write songs and my dream is to become a singer who writes songs too.


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