CNS II – Kate from Taiwan tells all how CNS II helped her become a confident English speaker

by Kate (Taiwan/35/8weeks)

Q. Please, introduce yourself.
A. Hi! My name is Kate. I stayed in Australia for 5 years, and I want to immigrate to this country. Since I am not young anymore, I need to get my IELTS score as soon as possible. In my case, I have to get an IELTS score of each 6.0 for my working visa.

Q. How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time?
A. In the past, I studied IELTS by myself for 2 months in Taiwan, but my English skills could not improve more. Although I was quite confident about speaking skills due to my experience, I realized that IELTS Speaking is not like a daily talk but a test. Therefore, I started looking for the academy which is suitable for studying IELTS. While searching information on the Internet, I saw many recommendations for CNSⅡ from other students. Moreover, I realized studying in the Philippines is much cheaper than in Taiwan, and there are many skilful IELTS teachers in CNSⅡ.


Q. How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?
A. I believe that CNSⅡ has a supportive and serious environment for studying IELTS. Almost all students study very hard and follow the compulsory self-study time. Even some students keep studying until late midnight. Sometimes, I feel a little bit scared about weekly tests because all my test results will be posted on the bulletin board.

Q. After studying at CNSⅡ for 8 weeks, how did you feel?
A. I realize my exact weakness. In my case, even though I have used English for a long time, my speaking skill is still very bad for the reason that I have never fixed the mistakes I frequently made. However, my teachers have tried to correct my bad speaking habits, so now, I feel more confident to achieve my goal score.

Q. What is your tip for new students?
A. Do not be shy. You should discuss your problems with individual teachers. When they understand what you need, they will help you to improve your weaknesses.


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