JIC – Jung Ji Joon studies the English language to become a Fashion Designer in USA

JIC was able to catch up with Jung Ji Joon, an IB student who has a double major in Fine Arts and Fashion Designing. We decided to have a short chat with her to see how her experience in JIC was.

JIC: So you like arts?

Yuna: Not really, just hobby.

JIC: Why did you enter fine arts and fashion?

Yuna: First, my parents wanted me to be an artist, but it was just my hobby. So what I really wanted to do is fashion because I was very curious about fashion, so I studied hard to get a double major.

jung ji yun 1

JIC: Do you plan to go to Paris, France, or the United Kingdom to pursue fashion?

Yuna: No, the US.

JIC: The United States? Why?

Yuna: Because I’m preparing for my US internship.

JIC: What company?

Yuna: I forgot the company name

JIC: What are the challenges of getting into the United States?

Yuna: Getting familiar speaking in English and making new friends who speak English

JIC: Is that why you are here in JIC?

Yuna: Yes, I think JIC is good for improving my English skills because they give teach so much. Actually, we can also learn English in Korea but there’s a difference. For example, when we study English in Korea we don’t talk English.

jung ji yun 2

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