Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hello everyone!

I’m Claire, the headteacher in Widest Asian Learners English School – Baguio. I have been with WALES for 3 years now. I also had worked in other Asian countries for a long time before. My main job in WALES is to build and develop the curriculum and instructional plans. In addition, I also take charge of recruiting, training teachers as well as supervising and evaluating the teaching process at the school.

Widest Asian Learners English School -WALES is known as one of the top English language schools in Baguio with well-trained teaching staff. Can you share more in details about the recruiting and training process in your school?

Thank you for appreciating the efforts of WALES during that time. To be able to gather professional and dedicated teachers, WALES has built up a rigorous recruitment process. Accordingly, WALES requires a pedagogical certificate, at least two years of teaching experience and other related qualifications such as Board Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) for teachers who would like to work in the school.

After reviewing and checking qualified resumes, teachers need to pass an entrance examination and interview with the Recruitment Council, including the Director, Principal and Headteacher in order to evaluate the pedagogic and inspirable abilities, profession and enthusiasm which is the most important. Following this, a simulation class will be organized by the Academic department so that Recruitment Council has a more comprehensive view of the teacher.

In order to maintain and improve the quality of teaching at the school, does WALES have a special training program designed for teachers?

After the recruitment process, each teacher will be trained in the necessary skills to get along well with students from different countries during the first 2 weeks of receiving the job. WALES will also support teachers to participate in other training programs at the school or other centers for developing additional professional and soft skills.

Equally important, regular meetings related to sharing of materials, teaching methods, and experiences… to work with learners coming from various nations, backgrounds and ages are always held on the weekends among teachers. Personally, I think this is very necessary for them to share and learn more from their colleagues.

Recruitment plays an important role in finding excellent teachers. However, to make sure that a teaching process is effective and successful, the school also needs to pay more attention to the system of supervision and evaluation. At WALES, is this done regularly?

80% of the teachers in WALES are full-time employees who have had a strong attachment to the school for a long time. Therefore, we feel secure about the quality of training. However, it does not mean that WALES will neglect the evaluation. Teachers at WALES will be monitored and evaluated continuously in order to maintain and improve the effectiveness of both teaching and learning processes. Staffs in the Academic department often supervise this process through the camera system or class-observation. The content of lessons will follow the syllabus and schedule designed before.

At the end of a term (4 weeks/term), students will evaluate the quality of teachers through a variety of criteria such as pedagogic ability, motivation, confidence… Based on the results obtained from different sources, WALES makes timely adjustments as well as develop an appropriate training program. Moreover, WALES also provide valuable awards for teachers who have a good record in order to motivate them for their efforts and contribute to education.

Thank you for your time. I firmly believe that with such a recruitment and training process, WALES will help more students from all over the world in improving their language skills.

Thanks. It is all my pleasure!

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