A City of Gastronomic Delights

Due to the unwavering popularity of Baguio to tourists, restaurants, cafés and food parks have also become too many to count that choosing where to go grab a bite has even become a challenge or a dilemma for some.

Nevertheless, Baguio has become a home to eclectic cuisines and international restaurants that people of different nationalities will surely be grateful for. A taste of home will definitely be just around the corner.

Session Road is located in the heart of Baguio’s Central Business District. You can probably find the most diverse selection of restaurants here.  Whether you’re up for fast food chains, cafés, cafeteria-style restaurants, or casual dining restaurants, you won’t have to walk too far from Session Road to find a place for a hearty and fulfilling meal.


Legarda Road is one of the most popular locations of international restaurants in Baguio. Apart from restaurants, hotels and cafés also crowd the area. When the boom of ESL industry was just starting, Legarda Road has also opened its arms to some of the first Korean restaurants in Baguio City. Korean grocery stores have opened as well.

In Baguio, restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms in a lot of different locations. Unlike before when most restaurants and cafés are found in Session Road or in malls, nowadays, old houses, garages, and parking lots have been transformed into food hubs that sometimes locals are not even aware of their existence. What’s interesting is, restaurants that are located far away from the city center are those that serve unique and rare cuisines. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is to get there. Surprisingly, people go out of their way just to sample a taste.

Whether you’re a conventional diner or an adventurous one, looking for a good place to hang out, relax, and enjoy a meal here in Baguio is not a problem. The only possible challenge for you could be the lack of time to go to all the best places and to taste all the good food.