A Jump-Off Point to Diverse Excursions

Baguio stands in the middle of North Luzon, and it means that the city is surrounded by many hidden paradises and adventures waiting for you. Discover the Sea of Clouds on the summit of Mt. Pulag, the Hanging Coffins of Sagada, the UNESCO Heritage Site of Vigan, the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan, and much more! We assure you, Baguio is a gateway to the most beautiful places on earth.


Mt. Ulap

Mt Ulap is a daytime hike with 6-7 hours of trail to take. It has 3 peaks to reach, all of which showcase beautiful views filled with grassland, tall pine trees, and rock formation. Take note of the Gungal Rock which can make you badass in the camera because of its steepness. Mt Ulap will remind you of the fog-kissed landscapes of Scotland that it became a favorite next to…

Mt Pulag has the highest peak in Luzon and is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. The locals of Benguet call it the ‘playground of the gods’ because of its jaw-dropping sceneries and rich biodiversity. Mountaineer or not, everyone wants to climb this mountain to witness the ‘Sea of Clouds’ which Mt Pulag is known for.

Mt. Pulag

Sagada Caves may be the adventure you are looking for. Go inside the caves will definitely test your strength and heart, wherein the reward is an experience you won’t forget. Just in case it is too extreme for you to do, you can go and see the Blue Soil Hills and Hanging Coffins still in Sagada that are equally mesmerizing.

Sumaging Cave Sagada

Banaue Rice Terraces is made up of 2000-year old mountains carved by hands – that means the tribesmen didn’t use any technology. Its marvelous sight and historical significance caused it to be called ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World.’

These are only few of the peaks for trekking in the mountain ranges of the Cordillera. There are also different hiking spots in Northern and Central Luzon, which are just 2-4 hours away from Baguio.

One popular hiking spot in the Central Luzon region is Mt. Pinatubo, a then-dormant stratovolcano, known around the world because of its massive and explosive eruption in 1991. After this cataclysmic event, the crater lake of Mt. Pinatubo has become a sight to behold. Before getting to the majestic crater, you will have to ride a 4×4 jeep for an hour and trek your way up to the main attraction for another hour or two.

Mt. Pinatubo

Tangadan Falls is located in La Union and is a growing attraction in the province next to the surfing beaches of San Juan. It takes a trek of 45 minutes to an hour before arriving to the falls. Those who are up for more extreme activities can also try cliff diving here.


Getting out of the Mountains

La Union is the closest province to Baguio. With a short time of travel, you can go to the beach of San Juan where nice waves hit the shore, a perfect place for swimmer, sun-worshippers, and those who are beginners in surfing. You can also enjoy a dip at the quiet pebble beaches or at Tangadan Falls.

Ilocos is located at the fringe of Luzon Island, so it is not surprising that it’s full of beautiful beaches! Some of the options are Saud Beach or Blue Lagoon in Ilocos Norte and Cabugao Beach or Santiago Cove in Ilocos Sur. The region also has many heritage sites such as the churches built in Spanish era and Vigan City now known as one of the new wonders of the world.

Nueva Ecija is an underrated province in terms of tourism since it is known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. One of its hidden gems is the Minalungao National Park that boasts a protected river as clear as crystal! Another is Pantabangan Lake that fits your Instagram goals.

Pangasinan also has a lot of beaches and natural water parks for you to plunge in. The most popular are the Hundred Islands and the white sand beach of Patar. Other beaches that are less crowded yet hold the same captivating view are Tambobong Beach, Agabatanen Beach, and Cabongaoan Beach.

Zambales may give you 5 hours of travel but surely you will be rewarded by its beautiful coves that everyone fell for. It boasts 7 beautiful beaches that you can choose from: Pundaquit Beach, Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, Camara Island, Capones Island, Talisayin Cove, and Silanguin Cove.

These are enough entries of tourist spots for starters, so you better fill in your calendar with these travel destinations. However, we have to remind you again that there are still a lot of places not included and paradises undiscovered. This list can go on but you won’t be able to see all of them if you don’t choose Baguio as your temporary home. It all starts in Baguio City.