BECI – A Glimpse of the Café Lady Campus


BECI International Language Academy opens its newest branch in the outskirts of the City and is among the most promising debuts of the New Year.

The school boasts its innovative design and other features that channel the destination for our female students’ diverse tastes. The environment unifies the different culture showcased by a rooftop mural design by renowned Baguio Artists. The painting envisions the bridging of gaps among students bound by their passion to learn English.



The school is a social and learning pavilion for those people who are looking for a studying environment away from the stresses of a busy City. Among all other academies, it has been commended for its unique inclination towards art. Each of our man-to-man classrooms is designed to resemble the coffee shop atmosphere.

Group classroom areas are made similar with those of board offices to provide students with a professional scene. Walls around the campus are kissed by creative portraits, quotations, paintings and calligraphy. Dormitory rooms are themed according to the different personality of women. Comfort rooms are assured to be selfie-perfect. The dining hall is modern and spacious. The lounge is not simply a place to relax and unwind but also serve as a mini library.


Teachers are provided with their own lounge where they can eat and socialize. Students also have their own kitchen where they can cook whenever they want to use it. The garden and barbeque area are illuminated by string lights which serve as a picturesque spot. Apart from having a great scenic campus, the school’s best ornaments are the smiles of students that are well satisfied.

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