CNS II – One-month English experience with my son

Please, introduce yourself.

My name is Jin Yan from China. I am the mother of Fish who is 10 years old. We came here at CNSⅡ to improve Fish’s English skills. Honestly speaking, Fish’s father has done business in Manila, so I already know that Baguio city is a wonderful place to study English because of the good weather and public security. Because of these reasons, I decided to let Fish study English in Baguio.

Why did your son start to study ESL?

In fact, my son does not have any experience to study English. For him, CNSⅡ is the first academy to learn English. I just wanted that his English speaking and listening skills will be enhanced for the first time.


How about the general atmosphere in CNSⅡ?

The general atmosphere of CNSⅡ is really strict. Many university and adult students study IELTS very hard to get their goal score. In the case of Fish, since he is an ESL student, teachers are more likely to teach him English with fun. That is why he can concentrate on his classes. I appreciate teachers who warmly greeted my son.

How about the quality of teachers?

Every teacher whom I met is warm, kind and friendly. Aside from these, teachers selected a little bit difficult course content for Fish. Owing to this, my son enjoyed studying English in CNSⅡ.

What is the plan after finishing studies in CNSⅡ?

Fish is still an elementary school student so we will go back to China for him to continue his studies. I just try to find a way to practice speaking English.

What is your tip for new students coming to CNSⅡ?

When it comes to using mother tongues, managers have tried to remind students as long as possible. As a parent, I was satisfied with this policy. I thought that following EOP (English only policy) is extremely effective to improve speaking skills. In addition, please do not be shy and try to ask what you cannot understand frequently.

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