CNS JR – My experiences in CNS!

In CNS, studying is very important to everybody but even having fun times.

Teachers are trying their very best to give a quality education to the pupils. In the past, we have 9 classes but now we have an extracurricular activity that makes it 10 classes every day. These classes aren’t just studying English but also outdoor activities.


I really like the subjects here because I can converse with another person freely using the target language. In a subject they offer, we can play in a group or perform. These make learning fun not to mention the jolly teachers who can make the class fun.

Over the weekend, students can travel and bond with other kids. We usually go to swimming pools, city tour and parks.

In addition to this, I think it is helpful for the students to know more about each other. Students talk in a corner and some play with each other during the activities we had every Saturday. With all the fun we had for a day, we shop on a Sunday in SM, Korean Mart or in Cooyesan. This is the day we can buy our snacks for a week.

Because we are kids and can’t be alone, Filipino teachers accompany us. I feel so safe with a teacher around even though I can’t go around to where ever I want because I am in a group of students.

To conclude my experiences, I really had a great time staying and studying in CNS though we have to study hard for a few hours.


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