MONOL – Taking a dose of Vitamin Sea!

After a week of grinding on English lessons, every student deserves a treat! Weekend trips play as the solution to boredom, stress, and loneliness of studying abroad.

Out of many choices of destination, the students chose to go in the Hundred Islands National Park! As for those who don’t know what the place is, it is a portion of the sea in Alaminos where literally more than a hundred islands and islets are scattered in the water. This is no doubt a dream paradise for those who love to swim.

alaminos 1

After 5 hours of travel on wheels…


And so they landed in the first island! Mandatory group picture.


View from the peak of Governor’s Island.

Before entering the National Park, the boatmen gave life vests and goggles to every passenger for safety. Then, they headed straight to one of the major islands called Governor’s Island, where they took selfies in a vantage point to an epic backdrop of the Hundred Islands.

It was so hot in Alaminos, and so the experience was worth it. The students who are all Korean couldn’t help posing and filling up their phones with pictures. The place seemed so familiar although it was their first time because other Koreans are also there for the same fun under the sun.

The next stop was the Quezon Island, wherein most of the water activities took place. The students spent hours in the place to make the most of the moment. The following pictures could tell.


Look at that banana boat.



One of the students even tried parasailing!



Look at that smile after a zip line experience. (Too bad we didn’t have a pic!)

The students didn’t want to leave Quezon Island but there’s more fun waiting in the other islands. They wanted to hop in every place but time is limited. The last destination was Marcos Island, where a beautiful cave called them for a cliff diving. Without fear, the students jumped off to the cold, turquoise waters. With the last hours coming, the students spent it swimming in the waves and bonding with each other.



Students queued up for that exciting dive.



Basking under the sun for the remaining hours.

Everyone’s tired as they embarked on the boat back to the wharf, but their faces glowed in satisfaction and happiness for a day well-spent. It also became an opportunity for the students to forge a friendship with the others that may last long until they go back to their own country.

This is what the Vitamin Sea gives: happiness.

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