JIC – Harry’s thoughts on JIC’s education program

JIC: what do you think of JIC’s education?

Harry: I think IB and PS have their own benefit. It depends on how strong their minds are.
How do I say this? Some people love going outside, to meet people, to meet some other foreign students, or simply just go out, hang out and enjoy. Now, if you cannot control this behavior, then IB center is good for you. But if you have a very, very strong mind and you can control and limit yourself, then PS will be good for you. As you know, IB is like a Spartan system and you are not allowed to go out on weekdays, while PS is more flexible and are allowed to go out on weekdays.


JIC: You tried both, IB and PS?

Harry: Yeah, because in my case I already decided to try both because my older sister, who was also a student, already recommended both centers. So yeah, before starting to study English, I already decided to stay 1 month in IB then another month in PS.

JIC: Fabulous. So what’s your plan after university?

Harry: Actually, the reason is why I learning English is so that if I meet a foreigner or make foreigner friend, something like that, I would be able to talk to or with them, and hopefully talk to them fluently. So I just want to build my English skills, especially my speaking skill. So I think I need to improve my confidence too so that’s why I just came here. Maybe during my university time, I’ll try to talk to many people as I can, and then after graduating university, if I can, I’ll go to a foreign country.

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