JIC – Kimiko on learning English despite her age

JIC: What is your reason for coming to JIC?

Kimiko: Because if I can speak English well, I will have a lot of chances to talk to foreigners, and I’m very curious of the different countries’ customs, geography, lifestyle, food and history and everything, so I want to learn through English.

JIC: Wow, that’s fantastic! How did you find out about JIC?

Kimiko: I called my agent and told them that I wanted to study English and I wanted a place nearby. So my agent recommended JIC. This JIC is very cheap, yeah, I couldn’t believe it, because it’s very cheap and somewhat near Japan. The weather is good and very comfortable, and Baguio is safe. So I like the good weather, safe and very cheap.


JIC: So, do you find JIC good?

Kimiko: Yeah, yeah! I spent about 8 weeks in JIC. It’s a very good experience. I didn’t expect much at first but I found JIC to be so good. I came here and studied with young people and had 1:1 classes which are very nice! And the teacher’s quality is very high. My teacher is so patient and sometimes strict but that’s a good way for me. So I had a great experience here in JIC, thank you very much!

JIC: You’re welcome. It’s our pleasure. I’m curious though, why do you keep on studying? What’s your motivation? I find it fascinating that you have that drive despite being a little bit older than others.

Kimiko: Because I’m curious and speaking English is good too. If someone speaks English very well, someone can go everywhere and not worry about speaking in English and someone can talk about everything, so I want to be like that.

JIC: Is there something you dislike about JIC.

Kimiko: Not really, my advice is actually for some students who study very hard. Sometimes it’s not good because you have to take care of your health too. Body condition is very important so they should balance it. They should listen to their favorite music and relax so they will have a good energy.

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